How To Promote Your Blog Beneficially Using Facebook Ads

Have you been thinking to spend some money to promote your blog on Facebook in order to reach more audience? Through this, it is true, that you will get more likes, more clicks and more users for your blog. Many people promote their blogs/websites on Facebook or other social networks to gain more users and

20 Tips for  New Bloggers: Things You Need To Know.

There are lots of things I never knew when I was starting out as a blogger. I made lots of mistakes; from ignoring the SEO to rushing to ways of making huge sums of money with my blog. A few months after launching the blog I thought it was going to generate me lots of

Beginner’s Guide: Simple SEO Tips For Better Rankings

Simple SEO tips for better rankings. When it comes to SEO, bloggers make lots of mistakes because they don’t understand them correctly. SEO is a fast changing field and what worked a few weeks ago may not work today, which is why you need to stay educated and informed on the latest SEO developments. Here

SEO: How To Write A Slug Without Stop Words

One of the amazing things about using as a CMS is that you get to use a number of plugins. And one of my favourites is the Yoast SEO. I think this is the best WordPress SEO tool that every blogger should use. This tool points out the SEO practices, one by one, for every page/blog

Web Analytics: The Basics of Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage. The focus of web analytics is to understand the users of a site, their behavior, and activities. The study of online user behavior and activities generate valuable marketing intelligence and provides − Performance measures

Top 10 Reasons Why is the Best Choice For Setting Up A WordPress Site. 

First off, what is the difference between and The  most important difference between and is the ability to customize almost anything. lets you do it, does not. is home to the original, customizable content management system (CMS) itself, commonly referred to as “self-hosted WordPress”. is where you