Author: Patrick

Nonprofit CRM Software: The 8 Things You Need To Know

Running a nonprofit organization is a lot of work that can often turn chaotic. Luckily, that’s where nonprofit management or CRM software can come into play. For managing your nonprofit’s data, engaging your donors, organizing fundraising strategies, and everything in between, your CRM can help make your life easier. Whether you’d prefer a cloud-based or

Security Ninja Plugin: The Ultimate WordPress Security Plugin That Will Help Protect Your Website From Cyber Attacks

Over 74.6 million websites run on WordPress. Around 50% of this is hosted on self-hosted In the realm of self-hosted sites, WordPress accounts for close to 20% of all websites. Noteworthy, thousands of WordPress sites are defenceless to attacks and get hacked each day. Here is the thing… If your WordPress site gets hacked, you