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How To Promote Your Blog Beneficially Using Facebook Ads

Have you been thinking to spend some money to promote your blog on Facebook in order to reach more audience? Through this, it is true, that you will get more likes, more clicks and more users for your blog. Many people promote their blogs/websites on Facebook or other social networks to gain more users and

Master Digital Marketing In 5 Minutes

What is digital marketing?  Marketing of products and services through the use of digital technologies, mainly through the internet, including mobile phones and other digital medium falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. What is not Digital Marketing? To understand what digital marketing techniques are, it’s easier to classify what doesn’t constitute digital marketing. Traditional marketing channels

Everything You Need To Know About Content Marketing.

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. It ultimately aims to drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is an “umbrella term” covering a set of strategies, techniques, and tactics to fulfill business and customer goals by using the

How To Monetize Your Blog

I have spent years trying to find ways to monetize a blog and make money online. I have read tutorials, blog posts, articles, watched how to’s videos and much more. The point is, I have spent a lot of time and resources researching. Just like you, I also came across articles telling me that making