How to Choose Blog Niche That Will Allow You to Blog Full-Time

How to Choose Blog Niche That Will Allow You to Blog Full-Time

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What kind of blog should I start? I get this question a lot when people are thinking about starting a blog. People just find it so hard to choose a blog niche that will allow them to blog full-time.

Try this quick 10-minute exercise:

Take a sheet of paper. Draw a line down the middle, so there are two columns. In the left column, take 5-minutes and write down everything you are passionate about. In the right column, take 5-minutes and write down everything you are an expert on. Circle everything that overlap in the two lists.

The overlap is called your ‘Zone of Strength‘. It’s where you take something you know about (you’re an expert in) and that you would be passionate about writing.

Here’s the thing – if you pick a topic you’re little interested in, you won’t stick with it. It’s a waste of your time, and you won’t be successful. And we both know that you want to blog full-time. So, be honest with yourself.

I’m an expert physicist, but I don’t talk about physics even with my friends . I’m not that passionate about it. Well, I used to be when I was at the university. It wouldn’t make sense for me to start a physics related blog because I’d flame out and quit.

What if you are not an expert?

For some reason people don’t realize this:

No one starts out as an expert at anything. You become an expert.

Let me share with you all the things I’ve become an ‘expert‘ on since the day I started blogging that I wasn’t an expert on before:

  1. Creating well-written blog posts.
  2. Explaining complex SEO topics in easy-to-understand terms.
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  4. Digital marketing.
  5. Web design and WordPress design and so much more.

Here is a fact:

If you read three books on a subject, you definitely become an expert. Why? Because 99.99% of the population hasn’t read even one book on that particular subject.

The reason I’m an ‘expert‘ on everything on that list is that I learned how to do it. Plus – I kept practising until I got better. You can do the same.

If you have an interest or passion, wouldn’t you enjoy learning more about it? And the process of learning would be fun, right? It wouldn’t be a drag. If it is, you might consider a different topic to write on.

How to Choose Blog Niche That Will Allow You to Blog Full-Time

I thoroughly enjoy learning more about digital marketing and SEO and sharing that knowledge with others so they can improve their lives. I also happen to enjoy the business side of things and learning how to reach more people so I can help them too. You see, you don’t have to be an expert.

I didn’t drop into this industry as an expert. It was a process. Over time you will be known as an expert.

If you’re just starting out, learning about how to make awesome mobile apps, for example, you can build your blog and community around your newfound expertise on making awesome mobile apps.

You can then package that expertise into an eBook, digital course, printed book, or advertising opportunities. And boom, you’ll be running your own online business.

If you teach someone how to make a great mobile app, you’re an expert mobile app developer to that person. You only need to know a little more than someone else to be an expert in their eyes.

Sometimes just documenting your journey from beginner level, to intermediate skills, to expert, will make you an expert.

What I’m saying is – the sky is the limit. You can document your journey about anything.

My Silly Philosophy: Just write

Just write. Write anything. People are curious, and they want to get to know you. If you have to write about what you did this weekend and file it under your My Life folder on your blog – that’s great! Go right ahead.

Pro Tip: Here is a Complete Tutorial on How to Start a Blog The Right Way.

Let me leave it to you now

Decide what you want to blog about! Figure out your Zone of Strength and pick from there, or decide on something where you’ll document the journey.


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  1. Thanks a lot Patrick, Is always nice to see African Bloggers like you share valuable information like this one. Most people struggle to pick a niche when they start their blogs, I’m also one of them. I started a few blogs about programming, digital marketing a more but it was not that easy at first. Here’s one of the post I wrote about digital marketing Thanks for helping new bloggers

    • Thanks a lot brother. That’s so encouraging. I have looked at your blog and I must say that you are doing a great job. The blog post in particular is amazing. I couldn’t help but share on my social media pages.

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