DragDropr Review: The Drag and Drop Page Builder That Works For All Content Management Systems

Creating web content can be really frustrating. Especially if you are less techy or completely have no coding skills. Most of the time, the visual editors we use do not really give us what we see, making it so difficult to achieve perfection with our web contents.

Well, before you can go around shopping for a professional to help you with creating web content, let me introduce you to DragDropr.

What is DragDropr?

This is a drag and drop page builder that works with all the Content Management Systems (CMS). With this tool, you can quickly build an entire web page or change an existing content without writing even a single line of code. Amazing, right?

The DragDropr interface is very intuitive. To create a new blog post, build an entire page, or any other web content, just click the “Add” button.

It has the widgets and content blocks on the left, your web design in the middle and the settings on the right. Their motto is “what you see is what you REALLY get” and they sure live up to that promise: you make your changes live on the front end of your website so you can see the effect of any change you make in real time, just like your visitors will see it.


On the left, there are about 14 widgets to choose from (other page builders would call these modules).

DragDropr Editor
DragDropr Editor

The widgets that are included are headline, rich text, HTML, video, image, slideshow, button, icon, form, like and comment. You can just drag and drop a widget to the desired position on the page, that works fine. There will be some placeholder content so you can see how it looks right away. Every element will take up one entire row at first, but you can drag another widget to the left or right side of the row to add another column.

Every widget offers some basic styling options, which will load in the right side when you click somewhere in the widget. You can adjust the font size, color, background (color or image, no video), border and shadow effects.  You can add your own custom CSS, but if you’re that good with CSS, you won’t need a page builder to begin with.

You can also set some spacing (margin and padding), but even though it’s called DragDropr, you can’t drag & drop to set those. You will see the results of your changes in real time. 

The form widget does offer a drag and drop form builder, which works reasonably well. The like widget inserts a simple Facebook like and share button. I do like the comment widget, which inserts a Facebook comment box.

Content Blocks

Content Blocks are basically “pre-made” blocks (elements such as Pricing Tables, Testimonial tabs etc)  which have already been done for you, you can simply choose any one of them, drag them on the editing-space, edit the text, images and publish them right away.

DragDropr has over 200 such pre-made content blocks, and I must say they’ve been made professionally so there isn’t much editing you need to do, except obviously changing the text or images. 

Responsive Design

These days, a web page that is not mobile responsive is kind of “expensive” because you will be missing out on sales. It’s simple, most people use mobile devices to access the web and so, it is very important to ensure that your website displays well on any device.

Good news… DragDropr gives responsive designs for all web pages built on it.

It also has advanced features which let you select which module or content block you wish, or do not wish to be responsive on certain devices, this gives you more control over your elements and page in general.

HTML Support

All the pages and websites you create are stored as pure HTML, so not only visually; your pages also do not lack any SEO and can be optimized manually later if any tid-bits are left.

Also, this allows you to change the content instantly whenever you need to do so. So all in all the only point I included this section here in this DragDropr review is because even though it’s not a “wow” feature, it still is a feature and I believe that deserves attention.


Finally, yes it’s a feature-rich platform but is it budget friendly? Well that depends on your budget, so let me just lay out its pricing plans for you.

Basically it has two set of pricing plans, one for companies/individuals, and the second for Agencies/ Service Provider.

Company/Individual Pricing
Agency Pricing

Final Words…

DragDropr lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop, or any other web content by simply dragging and dropping. It does not matter which CMS you use – DragDropr fits them all.


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