5 Smart Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Archives

Even if you are great at coming up with an editorial calender full of new ideas, you should never forget your old blog posts.

Ideally, blogging means to consistently update your site with fresh content. And that is exactly what we do as bloggers.

We worry so much about creating new posts day after day forgetting that we also have some great content that we need to let our audience know about.

In this blog post, I am going to give you 5 SmartWays To Drive Traffic To Your Archives. Read through till the end if you are determined to keep driving traffic to your blog using your old posts.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Archives

1. Use the archives widget

This one is the easiest. All you have to do is add the archives widget on the sidebar or at the footer of your blog.

The widget compiles the posts on the basis of the months when they were published. Adding the widget to your sidebar or footer makes it easy to access your old posts.

2. Custom menu widget

Another way to drive traffic to you archives is to create a custom menu with links to some of your old posts that you think may be useful to your readers.

First, you need to know your old posts that people would still want to visit.

And how would you do that?

Blog Stats

Check your stats for the most commonly visited old posts.

It would mean that these old posts are resourceful to your blog visitors and therefore make it easy for them to find these old posts on your site by creating and strategically placing a custom menu with links to them.

Blog’s Objective.

Based on your blog’s objective, there should be some posts that every visitor must be made aware of.

For example, Luminous Blogging is meant to provide bloggers with blogging and internet marketing tutorials, it would be inappropriate to not place How To Start A Blog tutorial on the sidebar or footer of this blog.

How To Start A Blog tutorial, Technical SEO Audit, Free WordPress Blog Setup and Blogging/Web Design Terms are old pages that have been put under a custom menu ( RESOURCES) and then placed at the footer of the blog for a quick reach. And as the owner of Luminous Blogging, I can affirm that the four old pages have been receiving tremendous amount of traffic.

3. Create Featured Posts Slider

WordPress Themes like Hueman have featured Posts Slider functionality. Others don’t. But that shouldn’t stop you.

If you are on WordPress.org or on WordPress.com Business Plan, you can install and activate Meta Slider Plugin on your site.

Pick a number of your old posts and add them to the featured Posts Slider.

Your blog visitors will be shown a slideshow of your old blog posts, increasing click through rate, thus driving more traffic to your old posts (archives).

4. Email Marketing.

Do you have an email list? Do you always have trouble coming up with ideas on what to email your subscribers? Well, worry no more.

Apart from always selling something to your email subscribers, you can also share with them some of your old posts that you think may be useful to them.

I’m not saying that you should copy and paste an old blog post and then send as an email. No. Write a beautiful snippet of the old blog post. About 140 characters. And then add a link to the full blog post at the end of the snippet. Send it to your subscribers. You will be amazed with the results.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Email Marketing to Drive Traffic To Your Archives

Do not email your subscribers a full copy of the old blog post. They won’t have any reason to again visit your site for more information. Instead, make them want to find out more about the blog post.

Have a plan. You can email your subscribers one or two old posts after every one month.

Do not plainly tell your email subscribers that what you’ve sent them is a link to one of your old posts. Some people don’t like OLD.

Do not send irrelevant old blog posts to your subscribers. Make sure that the information contained in those old blog posts are up to date.

5. Social Media Marketing

Share your old posts on social media.

Millions of people across the globe use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. You can capitalize on this.

If you are having a huge following on social media then you shouldn’t be having any problem sharing your old blog posts with your following.

You can use social media automations like Tailwind to schedule your posts on social media.

Also, share your old blog posts to groups and boards you follow on social media.

If you feel like you want to reach a larger audience on social media then don’t be afraid to try paid ads.

After all, the ultimate goal here is to drive traffic to your archive.


6. Internal Linking

Internal linking is not only good for SEO but also serves a major role in driving traffic to old blog posts.

Informing your blog visitors about the existence of a blog post related to the one they are currently reading will guide them to an old post, thus driving traffic to that particular old post.

So, link your new posts to old posts.

7. Do Roundups and Anniversaries

You can do a monthly/yearly roundups of some of your old popular blog posts.

This should be a blog post talking about how those old posts performed in terms of engagement, questions that came up, users reactions, your opinion of the blog post and so on.

Make people want to visit your old blog posts by all means possible.


If you are just starting out as a blogger, you may be having a few blog posts but trust me, if you keep writing, soon you are going to have tons of blog posts. I am appealing to you; DON’T forget your old blog posts.

If you use the methods I’ve given you above to drive traffic to your archive, you will for sure enjoy your life as a blogger.

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