10 Facebook Posts Ideas for Small Businesses

Facebook Posts Ideas

Every small business these days has a facebook business page. It is one of the places where a business gets to engage with its clients. Usually, a facebook business page with a huge audience is a great asset to the business as it cuts down the social media marketing costs.

Facebook has a way of reminding page admins to do a post after staying for so long without posting anything on the business page. I think it’s kind of helpful. But also embarrassing. Staying for long without posting on Facebook simply means that as an administrator to the page, you lack ideas of what to post. Simple.

So, how do you overcome this problem? Here is how.

Top 10 Facebook Posts ideas for Small Businesses

1. Tips

You can craft and post tips on some of the uses of your products or tips related to the services your business offer.

Posting tips on a daily basis or on a weekly basis helps keep your facebook followers informed.

2. Inspirational Quotes

Everybody wants to be motivated or inspired. Posting inspirational and motivational quotes once in a while is important.

You can find these quotes from sites like Brainy Quote. Just don’t forget to give credits. It’s important.

3. Picture of your staff

It’s not a show off but a way of also telling your clients about the brains behind your business’ success.

Facebook Posts Ideas

Posting pictures of your staff while serving customers or while busy doing something work related also works just fine. Or even pictures of your staff during business meetings and retreats.

4. Blog Posts Excerpts

If your business website has a blog section, you can share new and old blog posts on your facebook business page. This also helps to drive traffic to your old posts.

While sharing blog posts on your facebook, only write experts and include links to the blog posts. Don’t do long posts.

5. Other Businesses Content

These could be content from your clients or your competitors.

Sharing other businesses content on your facebook page is an indication that you appreciate good and useful content. Giving other businesses mentions on social media is also one of the ways of business networking. Very good for marketing.

6. Ask Questions

Pose a question and see how your followers respond.

This may be a new product you just launched or anything about the services you offer. Remember, questions sometimes come with questions so stay around to respond to the questions your followers shoot back at you.

7. Run a Poll

Facebook Posts Ideas

Yes. Run a poll on your facebook business page.

I have seen brands run polls on some of their products.


A company wanted to know which of their products was much liked and so they decided to run a poll.

Something like this:

If you were to buy a phone for your loved one as a Valentine’s day gift, which one would it be?

  1. Phone A
  2. Phone B
  3. Phone C

People voted and some of them even included their reasons under the commenting section.

8. Officially release results of the polls.

After running a poll on your facebook business page, how about posting the results on your facebook business page.

Thank your followers for taking part in the poll that you created and also say something about the results.

9. Do a Contest Post

If you want to make more sales or gain more facebook followers, do a contest post.

You don’t have to offer an expensive giveaway. Think of something. Maybe one of your products or a smartphone or a laptop or even cash prizes.

You can do contest posts where comments with most reactions (replies and likes) win.

As a part of the contest, ask the participants to invite more people to like your facebook business page and also share the contest post. At the end of the contest, you will realize that you’ve gained more followers.

10. Do promotional posts.

Once in a while offer discounts to your facebook followers. You can create coupon codes exclusively for your facebook followers and then post on Facebook.


Facebook is one of the best social media marketing tools. It is easy to use and a facebook post is likely to reach a larger audience as a compared to a huge billboard located at the most busy street within a city. Leaving your facebook followers “lonely” may kill your business. Online users forget so easily. Try to engage them all the time. Be consistent with your posts.