FREE: WordPress Blog Setup

Do you need help setting up a new WordPress site? Worry no more. You are at the right place. Welcome to our Free WordPress Blog Setup. 

Free of charge, a professional from our team will set up a WordPress blog for you. Plus the already available tutorials, you will be able to publish your first blog post in less than 12 hours upon claiming the offer (Free WordPress Blog Setup).

Free WordPress Blog Setup will include the following:

1. Installing WordPress.

This will involve installing WordPress from your hosting package dashboard.

You will be provided with the login details to the newly installed WordPress and instructions on how to change the login details after completing the set up.

2. Activating the right WordPress theme.

Depending on your blog niche, we’ll activate and customize a theme for your blog to give it a professional and a beautiful look.

3. Installing and activating the right plugins for your WordPress blog.

Stuffing a WordPress site with too many plugins may lower the loading speed of the site. Our team will only install and activate the must have plugins. Plugins that will help you in your day-to-day running of your blog.

4. Enhancing your WordPress blog’s security.

Your WordPress blog’s security, if not optimized, can cost you your blog. Hackers are out there waiting for you to make a mistake. It is therefore important to enhance your blog’s security by using the right tools.

5. Optimizing your blog’s loading speed.

Fast is good. Your website’s speed is very important for your ranking chances on SERPs. We will optimize your blog’s speed, both on mobile and desktop.

6. Optimizing your blog’s structure

We will help you create your first pages (about us, contact us and any other pages you’ll need).

We will create Menus for your blog, add social media links and so much more to make navigation through your blog as easy possible.

7. Technical SEO

Usually, we charge $10 for this service but for you, it’s free. We will conduct a free technical SEO audit for you blog and fix any problems.

We are aware of the role technical SEO does in efforts of making your site appear on the first pages of SERPs.
We won’t charge you even a single cent for setting up a new WordPress blog for you.

For you to start a blog, you need a domain plus a web hosting.

Every website needs a domain name i.e and a web host.

All we’ll need you to do is to buy a hosting package with any of the web hosting companies we recommend on this site.

Disclaimer: Luminous Blogging will earn a small commission when you buy a web hosting package with any of the companies we recommend. No extra fees will be imposed on you. In fact, you will get a discount if you buy a hosting package using our links.

Here are the web hosts that we recommend:

1.  Bluehost – Bluehost is one of the most affordable web hosts out there. Web novice and veterans alike can appreciate that. Plenty of extras make them a bang-for-the-buck favorite. They include unlimited bandwidth on all plans, plus unlimited almost everything else for all but the most basic shared plan.

Currently, they are offering 39% discount and a free domain name for one year to buyers who use my link.

2. Kinsta – Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider where all your needs regarding your website are taken care of. They run their services on cutting edge technology and take support seriously.

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting for everyone. Purchase a hosting package here.

For you to qualify for the free WordPress set up, you will have to purchase a web hosting package (You were going to buy a web hosting package anyway) with any of the companies we recommend (Bluehost or Kinsta) and through the links on our site.

Once you have purchased a web hosting package using any of the links above, kindly go ahead and complete the form below so that we can start working on your blog.

Please paste the email from your hosting provider. We will also need to know the domain you used for the sign up. And the date of sign up.