How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL To Enhance Website Security

How To Change WordPress Admin Login URL To Enhance Website Security

change wordpress admin login url

As WordPress website owner, security should always be your number one priority, and one of the best ways of enhancing WordPress security is to change WordPress admin login URL.

There are lots of ways a hacker can try to get into yoursite – and do things that might harm your site. At the same time, there areseveral ways to protect your WordPress site from severe attacks like Brute Force attacks as well.

If you value your blog content and hard work that goes intoit, then read and follow the below simple steps to enhance your WordPress Security level.

To make your WordPress website more secure, you can run major updates, use WordPress Security Ninja Plugin and more. But in this blog post, I will show you how to improve security to the next level and add an extra and stronger layer by changing WordPress Admin login url. That is, changing thedefault to something different.

Before we can embark on how to change the login url, let us first learn a few things.

What is the default WordPress Admin URL?

Immediately after installing WordPress, you will be prompted to a login page.

Something like this:

At the URL bar, you will notice that the URL is yourdomainname/wp-admin

That is the default WordPress Admin login url.

And it’s what we’ll be changing later on in this post.

Why Change WordPress Admin Login URL?

The first step to hack into a website is getting the login url right. If you don’t change the admin login url, it will be very easy forhackers to guess the login url. It’ll be jus a matter of adding WP-Admin toyour domain name  in order to come upwith your site’s admin login url.

The rest will be guessing your username and password.

I know it’s not easy, especially if you are having a strong password, but why not take an extra precaution by adding an extra layer to your login panel?

How about making a custom WP-Admin login URL for your website?

Which should be hard to guess.

Sounds okay? Let’s do it.

Change WP-Admin Login URL To Enhance WordPress Website Security

To change WordPress Admin Login URL, we are going to use HC Custom WP-Admin URL Plugin.

With this plugin you can change wp-admin and wp-login.php to any of your choice, making it impossible for the hackers to access your administration login page.

Instead of and 

you can have

To be able to change your Website’s login url, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install and activate use HC Custom WP-Admin URL Plugin.


You may also check the guide to install and activate WordPress plugin.

Step 2: Change WP-Admin slug. Navigate Settings – Permalinks,and scroll down to see WP-Admin slug.

Enter anything you want, as long as they are these characters:

a-z, 0-9, – and _

But, make sure it should be unique so that no one couldguess it. And obviously, that is your primary reason for changing the WP- Login URL. Isn’t it?

And that is the primary reason we are changing the WP- Login URL. Isn’t it?

Then click save.

That’s it, you are done by changing with the WordPress Admin URL permanently.

A serious WordPress Website creator should not delay more and change WP-Admin URL right away and secure all your data.

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  1. As a WordPress website owner, I find this blog post very helpful. I think when it comes to security, every website owner must be very vigilant about it. And always take on advice given by the experts in the industry. Thanks Patrick for this. It is an eye openner.

  2. You have done a great job on this post. I love how you explain things. You make it look so easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Security has always been my major issue with WordPress but this your simple guide saved my day thanks alot

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